Atmosphere by Joy Division


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but bbastos was first  

R.I.P. Ian.   6

denizenofdreams 18 May 2013

Baleful contemplation.   10

Bukowski 11 Jun 2012

A week of my all time favourite band.   10

Bukowski 28 Sep 2012

#FinalJam It's so so sad to say goodbye to all of you, but thank you for all the amazing music. Honestly I hate to imagine how terrible my music taste would be if not for you incredible people. I'm really gonna miss this awesome community but I'm super glad to have been a part of it. #ThanksTIMJ   4

jerk_alert 25 Sep 2015

This seems a fitting song to end my time on TIMJ. It may sound corny but I believe music can change your life and touch your soul and this is one of the first bands to do that for me. At the very least, it can make you feel a little less alone. And that may very well be enough. Thanks for listening. #finaljam   6

condorave 26 Sep 2015

My last ever jam. Goodbye folks, it's been emotional.   1

TomGeddes 18 Sep 2015