Dead Souls by Joy Division


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but musmortwin was first  

Ian Curtis was a sort of awkward Jim Morrison.

cliffmiddleton 25 Jul 2015

Seems like an appropriate way to end my time on TIMJ. I'd like to thank everyone who ever listened to anything I posted, love or hate. And I'd like to thank all you for your time and your music.   5

LarryLootsteen 21 Sep 2015

Watched 'Control' again last night   3

Happy_Ears 2 Mar 2014

Went to see Joy Division Reworked last night. Very interesting take on the music. Fantastic lighting and effects. Obviously can't beat the real thing, but would recommend it to any fan.   2

edclarke 30 Sep 2013

What can I add that needs adding? It's Joy Division.   1

apoplexiac 6 Oct 2014

How did I miss this at the time - living in #Salford in the late 70's / early 80s.What a track!

smivvo 10 Mar 2015