Love Will Tear Us Apart by Joy Division

“Perfect song for dark depressing January nights........”

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Perfect song for dark depressing January nights........

toonfan 10 Jan 2015

I heard a remix of this yesterday and immediately had to listen to the original. Some songs you just don't mess with! Here is the offending article:   11

abigail.deeks 14 Feb 2015

This 32 years ago, as Mt. St. Helens erupted Ian Curtis died at his own hand. R.I.P.   9

denizenofdreams 18 May 2012

#finaljam  Eternal and final as I couldn't make up my mind on the many songs I first listened to here (this was not one of them so it's a cop out in that sense) and came to love. Toll the many friends I made here "I'll keep in touch" (for real). To anyone whoever dropped by, liked what was being jammed, left a comment, ...  Thank you. To anyone who wishes to know if I'll be elsewhere, yes I am here: and here:  but not so commitedly as I was on TIMJ as I am having a heartachy time letting go...   10

jnsvalente 24 Aug 2014

I was gonna get to it eventually, and now seems like as good a time as any.   6

waynechapman44 23 Feb 2014

It ends where it all began. The song that started it all will now end it all, the only song I ever have and ever will re-jam. Still a truly amazing song. Bye fellow jammers, i'll be seeing you.

lecbre 31 Aug 2015