She's Lost Control by Joy Division

“Really great track. Oh, How I do love me some Joy Division.”

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Really great track. Oh, How I do love me some Joy Division.   7

GypsyRocker 18 Aug 2012

In my humble op......still one of their best. I remember watching this performed live on a show called Revolver???? in 1980, anyone else see it? on ITV television... my memory! the years go by.....33 years later it still kicks huge ass. Have a great start to the week fellow jammers!   9

njparry 3 Nov 2013

She gave away the secrets of her past and said I've lost control again...

AndyJoe83 12 Jul 2015

At #71 in my all time album list we have Unknown Pleasures by Joy Division. There's room for all sorts here!   3

obadiah99 2 May 2015

I don't know why I listen to this kind of music on a warm Sunday evening with a glass of Pinot Grigio on my balcony right now. Maybe I am in a sentimental mood. Anyway, enjoy the trip backwards.

kuttowski 28 Jun 2015

#ISawThemLive My life long pals, ( @lawrence35523 & @Budgie114 ) saw Joy Division 4 times, the first couple of times in a London pub! ( Hope & Anchor) That was 1978 , pre-"Unknown pleasures" and that was only shortly after they changed their name from 'Warsaw'. But it was the release of "Unknown pleasures" that absolutely knocked me out & I HAD to see them live too, joining my friends at the ymca West London August 1979. I remember the aggression, the starkness and the chilling ambience from their music and I also vividly remember saying that Ian Curtis "looks as though he's about to have an epileptic fit" with his frenzied, bug-eyed dancing....A sad premonition of what was to come. A magnificent band that will always be remembered and "Unknown pleasures", in my opinion the greatest album of the second half of the '70s.   81

debutch 12 May 2015