I'm Reading a Book by Julian Smith


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Don't you ever ever interrupt me while I'm readin' a book!

syn2 12 Apr 2012

Yoink. Had to share this so as many people as possible should hear its awesomeness:-)   5

DaveUsher 7 Apr 2013

My remaining time on TIMJ will be some light entertainment. Meanwhile an ever growing crowd of jammers are assembling on letsloop.com in order to keep the group together and through requests directed at the webmaster trying to establish a "TIMJ 2.0". TIMJ "First Encounter" will probably never be surpassed, but I will treasure the memories. On Let's Loop I can be found as my initial TIMJ identity, http://www.letsloop.com/dutchzaphod while on TIMJ @dutchzaphod will be jamming mashups.   9

dutchbeeblebrox 22 Aug 2015

We all feel like this sometimes. And a little Julian Smith can go a long way… LOL   11

gracierb 3 Apr 2013

The theme song of my life.

EverFawkes 29 May 2013

Please don't ever interrupt me while I'm reading a book.   6

mfitzsimons 14 May 2013