Line of Fire by Junip


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but Darina was first  

Superb new song from José Gonzalez and co.   6

jamiecater 25 Feb 2013

#2 Line of Fire by Junip #farewellthisismyjam

cryptopix 23 Aug 2015

You've no doubt heard this already. If not, listen, because it's brilliant. (Yes, it's Jose Gonzalez's band.)   4

McKelvie 7 Mar 2013

Gehoord in een vampierenserie (jaja!) Wat een pracht van een plaat! @junip_music - Line of fire

janishier 31 Aug 2015

stay off meth, kids   10

juepucta 29 Sep 2013

And now back to Scandinavia with something that's not just chilling because of the climate...   24

AlicejustMay 6 Apr 2013