On'n'on by Justice

“Rocking riff. Keeps coming.”

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Rocking riff. Keeps coming.

cjacob 19 Mar 2012

Justice just hits the right buttons sometimes. Love this track :)

Raygun2 12 Sep 2014

Some songs make me want to dance...others make me want to sing...Now this is a good thing...unless this song comes on when I am at Walmart.. wait now let me explain, sometimes I just can't handle Walmart..okay most the time. So I zone everyone out..I  put on my earplugs and music. So I am in the aisle at Walmart dodging all the people in electric wheelchairs and women wearing leopard print lycra pants with tiger striped lycra tops...and this song comes on. ...For the first time (probably not the last) I was the "weird one" at Walmart, singing and dancing with my shopping cart. .... #LastJams #LongLiveTheJams #GoingDownJamming   24

christineb 1 Sep 2015