Suit And Tie by Justin Timberlake


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Looking forward to a classy weekend.

danifesto 27 Aug 2014

Oooh, I do love me a bit of JT <3 But I'm very angry that he wrote a song about my husbands looks!!

DoItForFame 23 Mar 2015

...guilty pleasure.

marlamalatak 15 Feb 2013

In honour of my new purchase, a fine suit deserves its own song. It was either this, or Barney's song from How I Met Your Mother.

riffedguitarist 17 Jun 2015

Ever since I've had memory, I've always tried to listen to underground, non-mainstream (hipster-like, if you prefer) music. I've always have some kind of repulsion for the mass produced-superficial lyrics-boring overused topics-generic-pop. However, now that I acquainted with this song (which is still very superficial in my POV) and I feel as if I'm in love with it, I keep listening it and I want to learn to dance just like Justin. So, maybe I've always been a pop fangirl and didn't notice it, or just didn't want to.

magma 28 Jan 2014

Justin timberlake is my music transition between 2013 & 2014. Tonight party with Gilles Peterson. We're up all night to get Lucky. Happy New Year my friends.   6

MyBlueElephant 31 Dec 2013