Carry On Wayward Son by Kansas

“Supernatural-themed this week, can't help it”

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Supernatural-themed this week, can't help it   3

ccase001 3 Sep 2015

This time back to the 70's again. We all know Dust In The Wind, beautiful song, but this one is great too :-)   15

caronline 3 Jul 2014

Heard this recently - I'd forgotten how barking mad but brilliant it is!   1

mikedavenport57 8 Jun 2015

I may have been watching a LOT of #supernatural with my time off   1

daeneryst 10 Jun 2015

Fantastic musicianship. Look for one of the live performances from 1976 if you can find one which is not blocked.

beltranosaurus 14 Jun 2015

Didn't think I would have any trouble finding a recorded version of this song, bah! Always a gamble going for live performances. Hope this one is ok.   2

robyncullwick 21 Mar 2014