Only One (Feat. Paul McCartney) by Kanye West

“new Kanye is the perfect start to a new year”

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new Kanye is the perfect start to a new year

cultofbabies 1 Jan 2015

No you're not perfect, but you're not your mistakes.

glenscott 2 Jan 2015

The new Kanye West single is simple AND genius AND real. Singing Kanye from 808 & Heartbreaks is back. GET READY TO GET BODIED WITH EMOTIONS! PS. Nori on the cover is #adorable.

WeirdHair 1 Jan 2015

Can anyone explain what Macca thinks he's doing during the last 1:30 of this song? It's as if he went off on one but nobody in the studio had the balls to say 'Hey Paul! I think we got it. Less is more!' I swear he plays the intro to 'I've Got A Feeling' at one point...

cliffmiddleton 15 Jul 2015

Two geniuses comming together   2

JakePleaseStahp 3 Jan 2015