50 Words For Snow by Kate Bush

“Finally allowed to listen to the Kate Bush Snow album. Thanks #London #snow.”

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Finally allowed to listen to the Kate Bush Snow album. Thanks #London #snow.

MichaelDAnton 20 Jan 2013

Personal favorite: meringuer peaks or swans-a-melting.   3

meer 26 Dec 2012

It appears the myth that Eskimos have fifty different words for 'snow' dates back a century to an anthropologist named Franz Boas. In his Handbook of American Indian Languages, he explained how "aput" meant "fallen snow" whereas "qana" meant "falling snow" and so forth. He went on to describe other examples, and others took from this that Eskimos must have fifty different words for snow. People still debate this, and Kate Bush illustrates the absurdity of it all in this adorably long-winded recitation, with the help of the singularly unique vocal stylings of Stephen Fry. These are not "Eskimo" words per se. They are Ms. Bush's list of words, some intentionally kitsch and silly, and put into Fry's mouth because it's fun, with her prodding him all the way to keep going and get on with it. Share and enjoy.   3

ZachsMind 22 Dec 2014

An obvious choice.

unfortunatalie 21 Jan 2013

Sunny, High 6C expected today. Still, there are...

chagota 12 Dec 2011

Amazing.   2

justinpickard 16 Jan 2012