And Dream of Sheep by Kate Bush


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So, I saw this album being posted a lot. I haven't had any experience with Kate Bush before and it completely blew me away. I had to pick up the record and now I have. Absolutely amazing :D.   16

terence 28 Jul 2013

'Little light shining, Little light will guide them to me'

OdhranMullan 5 Dec 2014

She. Is The. Best.   1

Pinklilycat 5 Sep 2012

"And they say they take me home. Like poppies heavy with seed They take me deeper and deeper."

reddirtgal1 29 Dec 2014

tune in to some friendly voices... I adore this song!

shelljacques 4 Dec 2014

One more. I'm making a liar of myself because it was the 30th anniversary of Hounds of Love this week. See you later, folks.   2

furlongthedog 19 Sep 2015