And Dream of Sheep by Kate Bush

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"And they say they take me home. Like poppies heavy with seed They take me deeper and deeper."

reddirtgal1 29 Dec 2014

'Little light shining, Little light will guide them to me'

OdhranMullan 5 Dec 2014

So, I saw this album being posted a lot. I haven't had any experience with Kate Bush before and it completely blew me away. I had to pick up the record and now I have. Absolutely amazing :D.   16

terence 28 Jul 2013

Queen Kate, my jam of the week.

Corrigan04 2 Mar 2015

She. Is The. Best.   1

Pinklilycat 5 Sep 2012

I actually had a dream of crocodiles in my brother's pond last night but this suits today perfectly.   8

abigail.deeks 31 Jan 2015