Cloudbusting by Kate Bush

gog5y’s jam on 11 Dec ’12 and then 2 times after that (See all)

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but JamesMoores was first  

#BookJam - A good excuse to jam this classic. Incredibly it's actually based on a true account.   15

jamescurran 11 Nov 2013

Seriously, who's in for her London concerts?   9

thisismymistake 23 Mar 2014

This is my jam.   6

bwhitman 4 Sep 2013

What with the torrential rain we're experiencing in London at the moment, this is quite an apt choice. It is also quite possibly my favourite song of all-time...

mikeywebster94 24 Jul 2015

#favorite #song #of #all #time

nickolas 11 Aug 2015

I couldn't stop listening to this one yesterday, and I still can't today.   1

Enish 27 Feb 2013