December Will Be Magic Again by Kate Bush


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The first Christmas song I ever bought.   3

Astromonkey 1 Dec 2013

Merry Xmas #6 come to cover the lovers....

chrisward 24 Dec 2014

In a surprise repeat from last year, :) kicking off December with the best Christmas song ever.

Tremayne11 1 Dec 2014

I always look forward to popping this on once we get to the final month of the year.

MotherFist 1 Dec 2014

My daughters favourite hero is Balto the Husky (the film version is different to reality but hey) so 'take a husky to the ice' wins but already a fan so.....Happy Christmas!

PartyTearsFew 23 Dec 2014

So, it's the first day of December.

MrUmlaut 2 Dec 2014