Deeper Understanding by Kate Bush

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Song unites so much. My recent re-obsession with Kate Bush, some of the star singers from Le Mystere des Voix Bulgares, Robbie Coltrane from Harry Potter (which my daughter is re-reading for the 5th time start to finish), and my two current favorite shows Mr. Robot and Humans.   4

robbfritz 3 Aug 2015

Somehow perfectly captures the feeling of scrolling Tumblr and listening to tunes at 3 in the morning decades before that was a thing. The mix of the synthesizers and the Bulgarian vocalists is amazing too. An all-time great song.

graceautumne 25 Jul 2015

Time for a little of the strange yet hypnotic world which is Kate Bush....

Watersidestudio 15 May 2012

Even though the original is excellent I feel this version suits my mood much better. Enjoy....

Watersidestudio 25 Oct 2012

never saw "her" because how could it improve on kate bush's video for "deeper understanding"?

desconcentrado 4 Jun 2014

All rise for the Internet Anthem. Not to be confused with the Internet Fight Song, "The Internet is for Porn."   4

danp 11 Feb 2013