Deeper Understanding by Kate Bush

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Time for a little of the strange yet hypnotic world which is Kate Bush....

Watersidestudio 15 May 2012

never saw "her" because how could it improve on kate bush's video for "deeper understanding"?

desconcentrado 4 Jun 2014

The Director's Cut was a great album.   1

badmachinery 30 Aug 2012

This song is especially great for a week in which I'm glued to my computer. <3 Kate Bush

frog 19 Nov 2014

Even though the original is excellent I feel this version suits my mood much better. Enjoy....

Watersidestudio 25 Oct 2012

Somehow perfectly captures the feeling of scrolling Tumblr and listening to tunes at 3 in the morning decades before that was a thing. The mix of the synthesizers and the Bulgarian vocalists is amazing too. An all-time great song.

graceautumne 25 Jul 2015