Hello Earth by Kate Bush

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but mikegrenville was first  

Kate Bush... my first crush???? The lucky poms ... she's touring for the first time since 1979!

davidwheward 14 Sep 2014

Continuing to share some of my best loved artists and albums until TIMJ closes. I've Jammed Kate before and tried to post her many other times, but have often run into restrictions. I hope this plays for you all!! From one of my top five favourite albums "Hounds of Love". #LongLiveTheJams   14

mikelowe 7 Sep 2015

Get out of the waves, get out of the water...

Maddieman 3 May 2013

this still has the power to tingle

mikegrenville 1 Mar 2012

A jam dedication to the late Neil Armstrong. (1930-2012)

clickysounds 28 Aug 2012

All you fishermen, head for home. Go to sleep little earth. I was there at the birth, out of the cloudburst the head of the tempest.

tobyparkin 23 Aug 2014