L'Amour Looks Something Like You by Kate Bush


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The thought of you sends me shivery/ I'm dressed in lace, sailing down a black reverie/ My heart is thrown to the pebbles and the boatmen/ All the time I find I'm living in that evening/ With that feeling of sticky love inside #ithinkiminloveagain #kateknowswhatsup

Cath 1 Sep 2014

i spent a good while of today dancing by myself in our school studio

wutheringhugs 18 Nov 2013

Kate Bush is a singer and songwriter of immeasurable talent, even with early material like this one. This is one of my favorites off of The Kick Inside.

Enish 26 Dec 2013

Missing the gigs so listening to the albums. #katebush   3

boredofthis 29 Aug 2014

Couldn't find a version of All We Ever Look For that works so this'll do. All We Ever Look For is amazing tho. Spotify it or something.   1

Sam_Crisp 8 Feb 2014

Kate Bush has stolen my heart.   1

lukeduggan2006 5 Jul 2013