Lily by Kate Bush


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Gabriel before me. Raphael behind me. Michael to my right.. Uriel on my left side.. In the circle of fire.

witchsphere 21 Sep 2014

I think this choice of song nicely ties together what I got up to on both Thursday and Friday evenings (although I'd be very alarmed if the Lily in my life said any of this stuff to me).

markrdavison 13 Sep 2014

Wonder if Kate will sing this for me again in 7 days 20 hours approx!!

johnplilly 26 Aug 2014

Fave Bushy song at the minute. Definitely in my top 5.

stevenrburgess 28 Apr 2013

Kate Bush: 'Lily'. From 'The Line, The Cross & The Curve'. "Take what I say with a pinch of salt and protect yourself with fire".   1

witchsphere 24 Jul 2013