Moments of Pleasure by Kate Bush


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Willsong Wednesday

willonious 8 Oct 2014

Let us try to give these moments back to those we love.

saltyharmony 16 Dec 2011

V apropos re the closure of TIMJ later this month

GrahamDJohns 6 Sep 2015

Always loved Kate right from #WutheringHeights in '78. This is the track that has been spinning in my head for the past week. #KateBush #TheRedShoes #memories

djrees 5 Oct 2014

This song has been in my head more than probably any song ever.

shotintoeternit 27 Mar 2015

Still on my #KateBush kick. This is one of the most beautifully intimate and heartbreaking songs ever, by anyone. Also really love the quieter version she did on Director's Cut, which is strikingly different and possibly even sadder.   1

robbfritz 6 Sep 2014