Running Up That Hill (12" mix) by Kate Bush


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but Marwood was first  

yes, not a missive leap to get to this, but I also think it should be here. One of the most underrated bits of pure popular songwriting prowess you could ever hope to listen to.

seiibutsu 26 Sep 2015

never not in the mood for this. or anything kate bush.

destroy_time 24 May 2015

it seems it's about time i post this song. eventually, everyone does.

ThingInABook 20 Oct 2014

Can't beat a bit of Bush. Also, theme tune to excellent kids' tv drama 'Running Scared'. Also, running!   4

purlpower 16 Sep 2013

Am running the Race for Life for Cancer Research on Sunday. Please could you sponsor me if you haven't already. The link is:   23

abigail.deeks 12 Jun 2014

When I was age 12, I wondered what all the fuss was about over this weird singer. At almost 40, I think what Kate Bush has brought into the world is quite amazing. Has anyone made the argument she is not unique?   8

ShortCurator 11 Jul 2013