The Man With the Child in His Eyes by Kate Bush

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but irv was first  

Love The Kate   1

Fattythedragon 20 Apr 2013

This is one of my favourite songs written and sung by Kate Bush. She wrote the first draft of this song at the tender age of 13 and she recorded the original demo for EMI Records at the age of 16! Wow as she night say. It was her second single to be released in the UK in 1979.

frankconnelly7 29 Aug 2014

Another amazing tune, Kate wrote this when she was 13 and recorded it when she was 16. Not her biggest fan but this song is incredible.   2

madeofstone 8 Feb 2015

so, did anyone score tickets?   11

robbfritz 29 Aug 2014

Can't believe I've not jammed Kate before. Often imitated, never bettered (IMHO). Simple, timeless.   10

fsohail 18 Dec 2013

At number 92.....still my all time fave by KB....scan results yesterday..not the greatest...start chemo again on Monday...those pesky lymph nodes have grown a little, so it's a full on assault, no holding back!!! Could always be worse....enjoy the jam!   17

njparry 3 Jul 2014