The Sensual World by Kate Bush


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ABCsOfMe K is for Kate Bush ( I know, I know, it should be "B" but its my abc's so..K is for Kate!) Anyway, what can you say about this songbird except "Wow, Wow, Wow, Wow..Unbelievable!!" I jammed my favorite song by her Babushka a while back so here is my second favorite~   17

christineb 21 Nov 2014

TOMORROW, BABY!! I'm so excited I feel sick. Oh and also, this is the most marvellous song ever written. Fact.   1

Pinklilycat 9 Sep 2014

Kate's great.   2

VickyMB1970 8 Aug 2013

My favorite Kate Bush song. Because it brings me joy, and because with my last jam I looked askance at Prince for his odd, fire-of-my-loins 'Lolita' tribute. Kate Bush dabbles in lit-to-pop, too, but brilliantly. Here she adapts the Molly Bloom soliloquy from James Joyce's 'Ulysses.' Not verbatim, as she wanted when composing the song in 1989. Although she received permission from Joyce's estate to quote at length in 2011, I'm picking this version for the video. She's portraying Molly if she'd stepped out of the book's pages to embrace our sensual world! Inspired interpretation of a novel whose author saw words, speech, as the soul externalized. Molly's soliloquy is eight breathless sentences long, syncopated toward the end by the warm, exciting word 'yes,' which Joyce called 'the female word' -- verbally embodying acquiescence, relaxation and the end of all resistance. Perfect for Bush's winding melody, enthralled dancing, and for those uilleann pipes, the national bagpipe of Ireland.   4

iprefernotto 13 Nov 2014

1989 Jam no.6. Also: it's tonight.   2

DVCwins 17 Sep 2014

Spooky. Just last night I was thinking about what I've been listening to a lot this week... and now I have a perfect reason to jam it. Welcome back, you saucy little minx   13

stevefawcett 21 Mar 2014