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oh I wish I could be there tonight...or any other night in the next month and a half(ish)! oh well.

1outside 26 Aug 2014

Lyrically brilliant - getting "he's too busy hitting the Vaseline" into a song is genius.

Redwoods1 18 Feb 2012

Wow! I have my fingers crossed for tickets. Love how her songs were just so intriguing. He'll never make 'The Sweeney' - I never watched this but I know someone who did.#KateBush6Music   5

PartyTearsFew 22 Mar 2014

Got 'em.

CheTantos 28 Mar 2014

Very jealous of anyone going to see Kate Bush later this year. Here's one of my favourites.   1

jessicahann 31 Mar 2014

Wow! It's my 100th jam, that came round quickly!   20

melissapulo 14 Mar 2014