Wuthering Heights by Kate Bush

“'Heathcliff, it's me: your Cathy. I've come home.' - Kate Bush”

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'Heathcliff, it's me: your Cathy. I've come home.' - Kate Bush

PrancingTL 28 Apr 2015

This video is a nice mix of the two official videos and some live performances   8

pjcj 17 Jul 2012

Rewind to the Seventies! Anything from 1969 to 1980 appears here. So keep 'FOLLOWing'.......   19

leejohnson 12 Jan 2014

You seriously need a reason?

andreamaven 2 Dec 2011

So why exactly did Heathcliff dig up Cathy's body? Call me cynical but I don't believe it was for taxidermy purposes... #CrimeWeek   14

MadameZia 3 Aug 2014

#eternaljams Because I'd never heard a voice like this, I'd never seen a singer dancing like this, I was hypnotised by the photography of the record and because she was singing the name of my sister (forgive me, I was only 7) #KateTheGoddess   12

MyBlueElephant 13 Aug 2015