Marshall Law by Kate Tempest

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but ahpook was first  

Kate Tempest just blew my mind.

ahpook 12 May 2014

Jamming it again, because this is who I wanted to win the Mercury! Ah well...thanks once again @Trought4TheDay for introducing me to this awesome lady...   2

flame_me_up 30 Oct 2014

This is so original. She is incredible. Am obsessed!   2

flame_me_up 25 Jun 2014

"But I could tell he was one of them 'save me' types/ and I couldn't deal with that. Nah. Not tonight." Love this album!

fishes 17 Jul 2014

Not sure how I didn't know about her before recently, but it's a crime.

gpaultre 17 Mar 2015

Kate Tempest is an exciting young talent. A kind of broodier Mike Skinner. Her first solo album came out recently and it starts with this.   4

Trought4TheDay 24 Jun 2014