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BLOODY HELL. For some reason I hadn't listened to this properly before (despite it being released by one of my favourite people @bluetapes) Therefore I hadn't released quite how extraordinary it is. It starts out fairly calmy, then 3 minutes in, all hell breaks loose - but a good hell, a hell which is made up only of vocals, joy & pop genius   2

tambamalam 21 Jan 2014

#19 on the late John Peel's Festive Fifty!   1

bluetapes 2 Feb 2014

oho look who made joint tape of 2013 in The Quietus:   5

bluetapes 16 Dec 2013

Scary and beautiful in equal measures...

chrisullman 23 Nov 2014

We're up to blue eight in our retro rundown, which means...   3

bluetapes 24 Apr 2014

Our week of KG influences is concluded, so we can now only leave you with the work of the woman herself! This is out now:   1

bluetapes 25 Oct 2013