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BLOODY HELL. For some reason I hadn't listened to this properly before (despite it being released by one of my favourite people @bluetapes) Therefore I hadn't released quite how extraordinary it is. It starts out fairly calmy, then 3 minutes in, all hell breaks loose - but a good hell, a hell which is made up only of vocals, joy & pop genius   2

tambamalam 21 Jan 2014

Scary and beautiful in equal measures...

chrisullman 23 Nov 2014

Our week of KG influences is concluded, so we can now only leave you with the work of the woman herself! This is out now:   1

bluetapes 25 Oct 2013

#BestOf2013 #2014Resolution - Embrace Tape Releases! Journey begins with @bluetapes subscription and catch-up purchases including this, Blue Eight.   8

clickysounds 29 Dec 2013

oho look who made joint tape of 2013 in The Quietus:   5

bluetapes 16 Dec 2013

We're up to blue eight in our retro rundown, which means...   3

bluetapes 24 Apr 2014