Crying For No Reason by Katy B


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but matthooper was first  

First of all music. Then style, synths, vocal. And lyrics - I'm sure that they are close to everybody. "I push all my problems to the back of my mind Then they surface in my dreams, they come alive"

PluginCollapsed 21 Jun 2014

Number one on my Obligatory List 2014, so there we are

InAt40 31 Dec 2014

I didn't know that I liked Katy B. This song is very well done. It takes me somewhere, whether I belong there or not.

beltranosaurus 21 May 2014


leolento 18 Nov 2013

Top five hit in the UK, yeah! After the public didn't realise how amazing "5AM" was they at least buy this gem.

cleby 5 Feb 2014

Equal parts Like A Prayer and Dancing on My Own - how could I not love this? Big bad dance ballad of the year.

egosumdaniel 21 Mar 2014