Rampage by Kavinsky

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Da-da-da duuuuuuh, da-da-da duuuuuuhh, da-da-da duuuuuhhh DUH-DUH DUUUUUUH

dubterror 4 Nov 2013

This is the closest I could find to Kavinsky's Rampage - and you miss some of the strings in this video, but you should still get the idea of it might be jam worthy…

mrchrisadams 1 Jul 2013

SYNTHTENSITY. The sound of the dash of a Ferrari hitting triple digits through the fog.

bearsurprise 3 Mar 2013

Somebody's cut a sassy #LostBoys video to 'Rampage' by @iamKavinsky Nicely done!

BunchOfSteve 25 Mar 2013

Ever since I heard this I've been looking for songs that samples DBZ music. Anyone know of anything else that comes to mind?

ERRRskate151 14 Jul 2015