Bedshaped by Keane

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Today I've been reminded that the first Keane album was actually pretty good.

DJDarren 16 Jan 2013

This song makes me happy ^^

Sane96 24 Jun 2014

The Crimbo John Lewis ad got me thinking about Keane. Not a big fan, but remember when I heard this track as a demo via XFM and raced out to grab the limited vinyl on Fierce Panda. It'll always be special to me.

stevemanser 24 Nov 2013

This song has been in my head this week.

freddiefraggles 15 Feb 2012

We once tried to sing this with our choir. It went terrible, but the song is still nice :)

julethecookie 19 Nov 2014

Beautiful video for a beaut of a song - will miss them :/

jmgrove 10 Nov 2013