HiiiPower by Kendrick Lamar

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It's Kendrick's week. Which means #sofugginfrightenin and #foodforthoughtbishes

BrendanMcGuirk 16 Aug 2013

Call that shit HiiiPOWER

mc_disease 21 Apr 2014

Heart. Honour. Respect.

NiallManley 14 Jan 2013

kendrick being kendrick channeling kanye. j.cole sampling sixtoo sampling something. who knows.   1

jo 27 Apr 2015

I'm standing on a field full of landmines, doing the moonwalk hopin' I blow up in time.

Aysarrrrr 28 Jan 2013

Can someone explain this to me please. I don't get the Kanye references.

danielbower 3 Feb 2012