Rigamortis by Kendrick Lamar

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One of my north american friends posted me a story about this guy throwing down a challenge to all and sundry - he's impressive after reading this http://www.npr.org/blogs/therecord/2013/08/21/214145432/the-blast-radius-of-kendrick-lamars-control-verse

SurbSuperheroes 27 Aug 2013

"Rigamortus" by @KendrickLamar is our weekend jam. #thebrigsoundtrack

thebrigvenice 30 May 2014

Kendrick has the potential to be the Pol Pot of rap. GOOD KID IN A BAD CITY is going to be so fresh.

bearsurprise 18 May 2012

Not your typical Compton rapper...   2

sondh 22 Oct 2011