The Blacker the Berry by Kendrick Lamar


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but heartsweats was first  

Wow.   2

elithius 12 Feb 2015

Holy SHIT. Hot, hot fire. Can we have this album now, please?

heartsweats 9 Feb 2015

Kendrick's pushing it.

marks 25 Feb 2015

New Kendrick album is great!

Yakuza_Sloth 19 Mar 2015

I'm African-American; I'm African. I'm black as the moon - heritage of a small village, pardon my residence. Came from the bottom of mankind. My hair is nappy, my dick is big, my nose is round and wide! You hate me don't you…?

Coren 17 Feb 2015

Enjoy!   1

Zergonoid 19 May 2015