Magpie by Khushi

rainbowasi’s jam on 23 Sep ’13 and then 2 times after that (See all)

“One of my favorites songs from last year.”

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One of my favorites songs from last year.   1

rainbowasi 13 Nov 2014

Yep, ripped from #SundayBrunch #PlayList, think #Khushi I'll be making a regular appearance on #MyJam page!   1

Cornishson73 3 Nov 2013

Nothing more left to say or see when silence is our only honesty.

petrouu 28 Oct 2014

Had to repost it. The video is beautiful and love the song. 'The video for the debut single from KHUSHI focuses on a couple that after 50 years of marriage. They struggle to show their love until they attend the dance at their local social club.'-Ryan Goodman, Director of the video.

rainbowasi 14 Oct 2013

This track is really growing on me..his vocals reminds me of a young Tim Booth/James

damienjoyce 7 Nov 2014

Sizzla is an all time great, but his war with Khago ended his career imo. Khago kills him on this track

dfree08 5 Sep 2012