'8 bit Blues (Chicago to LA to NY) by Kid Koala

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Full review of the album at http://www.therealmusic.net/12-bit-blues-2012

therealmusicnet 4 Dec 2012

Saw Kid in concert last week, and seeing him scratch this out was happy making.

sarcas 17 Oct 2012

Koala is one of my favorite artists. He always comes with a fresh take on his original style. Great video too.   2

aaronshimer 5 Nov 2012

This week's interview is with Kid Koala, read it here: http://bit.ly/ORpEV3

CMU 25 Sep 2012

If you like this song you should definitely check out the album. awesome video too. 8 bit Blues - Kid Koala

gobo 25 Jan 2013

Shouldn't work but it does. For me anyway.

mikerich 23 Oct 2012