Love Like Blood by Killing Joke

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but nicklocking was first  

Continuing my quest to fill some gaps in my Jam history - I need to fit around 150 tracks in 14 days. Wish me luck and I hope you enjoy some of them, they wont be around for long :)   4

PartyTearsFew 15 Aug 2015

I'm lovin' it.   1

CreepyUnknown 2 May 2013

Wonderfully intense performance - gird your loins and watch this scary man in action...   3

StillHonest1 19 Jun 2013

Ah.....1985....15 years old and for a couple of weeks this was the greatest song ever written.....

bladencookes 5 Jun 2013

Very 80s but very cool

adbelshaw 26 Jan 2015

I was gonna link to the new song "I am the virus" but not permitted due uploader restrictions!? So, here's an earlier tune, one of the greatest. Ever.

alanfur 14 Sep 2015