Starless by King Crimson


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CristobalWarlus 22 Aug 2015

A remarkable balance between bone-crushing brutality and cerebral complexity. Have a great weekend folks.   20

Bukowski 27 Jun 2014

So I went to see King Crimson last week in their latest incarnation. As ever it was the bewildering combination of sublime beauty, terrifying power, discordant noodling and maths. And here's a song that contains all of those...

twistymellorman 6 Sep 2015

Following the jazz version, a band in studio take on 'Starless'. Peerless music.   10

adrian4acn 20 Jan 2015

It blows my mind.

dariobeatle1 2 Aug 2015

They played this right after 'One More Red Nightmare'… what a gig! #tillthewheelsfalloff   7

mrbootle 7 Sep 2015