Detachable Penis by King Missile

“Inspired by a recent episode of Misfits.”

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Inspired by a recent episode of Misfits.

jonathanapples 13 Dec 2012

I like absurd humor. This kinda song reminds me what Freud said. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. Then again, Freud was a fruitcake. Some people read too much into the meaning of songs. I'm guilty of that a lot. Case in point: my previous jam. I often catch myself taking myself too seriously, and when that happens I like to cleanse my palette with something less serious.

ZachsMind 3 Dec 2014

Just wanted to give everyone a laugh :-)   1

krash51 16 May 2012

Who remembers this gem from back in the day?

Nickita 15 Dec 2014

In honor of the first successful penis transplant.

SpaceGoatJr 16 Mar 2015

Happy...Valentine's Day(?)

Oatseeder 14 Feb 2015