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“My favorite song of the category "bittersweet"...”

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My favorite song of the category "bittersweet"...   4

pejo13 3 Aug 2013

I once listened to this song while laying on a kayak in a lagoon and it has since always reminded me of quiet sunshine. I love Kings of Convenience so much and am bummed to know that they don't exist anymore.   1

iluvnerds85 5 Jul 2013

Thank you to @MVD for this gem. (If you're not following on them on Spotify, drop everything and do it now...) I was listening to the list "Music By Numbers" today at work and this came on. This playlist is wonderful, every genre is represented . I forgot how much I enjoyed Kings of Convenience..   19

christineb 14 Jul 2015

'Dreams burn But in ashes are gold.'

MylesC 2 Apr 2014

If there was one song to represent this stage in my life, this would be it. 

acarpie 29 Feb 2012

As I walked out one mid-spring morning.

cuica 15 May 2013