It All Began With a Burst by Kishi Bashi

“Really can't get enough of this Kishi Bashi album.”

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Really can't get enough of this Kishi Bashi album.

chris.furniss 27 Feb 2013

Thank you Kishi Bashi for making the happiest song

Gaultian 17 Feb 2013

This sound celebrates Spring, for me

tomokospeaks 20 Mar 2014

In honor of bubbles bursting. Kishi Bashi, "It All Began With a Burst"

johnnemann 12 Nov 2013

Listening to sunny music, trying to convince myself that the weather isn't utter crap.

amortentia 11 Jul 2012

"KISHI BASHI: Well, I was never really good at engineering. I probably would've ended up an extremely mediocre engineer, but I love music. I like experimental music. And then I also like to improvise. So there's a fair amount of improvisation."

sudocoda 27 Aug 2013