The Ballad of Mr. Steak by Kishi Bashi

“It's a fun song that makes me happy”

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It's a fun song that makes me happy

TheToad 5 May 2015

because everyone needs just a little more delightful absurdity in their life.

blakegli 10 Jun 2015

do you believe that a steak couldn't love or is hard to manage the fact of meat jerkin to the beat but Mr. Steak he is practically an animal of joy the rarest of all cuts: tenderloin

ehntoo 30 Oct 2014

Of all the songs I heard at the Bunbury Music Festival this weekend, this is the one song I can't stop singing. Long Live, Mr. Steak! #bootybootyshakyshake

Fwedhead 15 Jul 2014

I get this guy won't be everyone's cuppa, but if this doesn't have you at least bobbing your head, check your pulse.

wjdoughty 21 Aug 2014

This song goes through my head pretty much nonstop. K is a genius.

ovaltine8 17 May 2014