Love Gun by Kiss

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but godzy was first  


TerraDelu 22 Oct 2013

I blame @cuteordeath. Get well soon!

danifesto 22 Jan 2014

This song just makes me think of Role Models. "You see Ronie, the gun is his dick"

factoryofchaos 30 Jul 2014

I've seen kiss on numerous occasions, the last time was the Sonic Boom tour. Me and my gorgeous wife seen them at Wembley Arena London. The tickets were a Christmas gift from my wife... She'd hidden them inside an ordinary CD case. I opened the wrapped gift on Christmas Day; thinking it was an ordinary 'music CD' and to my astonishment there inside was a pair of tickets for a Kiss concert instead! What a wonderful surprise!!! So much so, I cried lol... That weekend in London was fantastic! So wonderful, so memorable ❤️

marksimmons007 27 Jan 2014

"You see, Ronnie, his *dick* is the gun!"

Wafflematic 22 Jun 2014