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good night thisismyjam

syrup 21 Sep 2015

---filmy maker,,mitch payne,,,groupo brian jonestown masscare,, create this fine work bespoke and distinct   3

kingofmen 17 Jan 2015

Crazy, with a touch of surreal   6

metabrew 11 Feb 2014

НИИ Косметики - Счастлив, как никогда

michalboo 30 Sep 2011

A little post-rock, a little shoegaze, a little indie rock; just found this album yesterday and am really enjoying it.

Winsord 31 Aug 2015

#Top31Tracksof2014: Today's entry is really off the typically beaten path. Roughly pronounced as "Gesu no Kiwami Otome" in English, this Japanese band was one I stumbled across on this here service, with this song being one that I've been in love with ever since. Give it a shot, you may be surprised! #bestof2014

CallumPetch 4 Jan 2015