Come With Me Now by Kongos

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I heard just a snippet of this song on a television commercial and was so drawn to it I had to find it, I went on YouTube and discovered Kongos; a group made up of 4 brothers of Greek descent and their father apparently had a couple of small music hits in the 70s. It's catchy, powerful and beautiful all at the same time!

abirex 5 Mar 2015

Loving this song right now. Rocks harder than any accordian before it.

SeanLindsay 20 Jul 2015

I've never heard of this guys before, they just pop in one Youtube Playlist and I thought "They sound really good, let's share them with the rest of the world" Sooooo Enjoy this great Jam!!   1

Metaldalz 6 Mar 2015

Stomping tune!   9

abigail.deeks 27 Jan 2015

Can't stop listening to this song since I heard it, its different than anything I have heard recently. The album is the same way, Wow, I am seriously addicted... now if I could just stop hitting repeat..... I am sure there is therapy for this, somewhere....hopefully.   15

christineb 9 Mar 2014

One of the best uses of an accordion in rock music.   6

gingrich1 9 Jul 2014