Radioactivity by Kraftwerk

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this week marks the 70th anniversary of the greatest horror our world has yet seen. #NoNukes for nearly 20,000 years humans have been striving towards civilization and we have little time remaining to finally learn how to be civil. while we've managed to avoid a nuclear winter these past years, our thoughtless consumption is leading to an ever warming planet and an outcome not so different.

_seph 6 Aug 2015

An hour of Kraftwerk videos, you say?   1

asw909 23 Feb 2014

goosebumps.   2

ThingInABook 6 Feb 2014

In het kader van de Kraftwerk gekte en voorverkoop die morgen 13/9 start. Wel de Duitse versie. Andere versies mogen niet van sommigen ;-)

antoinek 12 Sep 2014

15,000 R/hr

illusoryn 23 Mar 2015

Ah, the crazy glam mid-Seventies, when we all wore stack heels, flares and had glitter on our cheeks. (1975)

Marco 7 Feb 2013