Green Machine by Kyuss


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Out of a few thousand songs on my iPod, shuffle picked this as the first tune to come on when I stepped out of the cinema after Fury Road. Totally random because I haven't listened to this album properly in YEARS and I swear if Fury Road was a song, this would be it. Relentless bass, many references to the words 'war machine and made by people from the desert. #madmaxmusicalconspiracyfantheorywhatever   1

Charlotta 21 May 2015

Before Queens of the Stone Age

nekoericson 22 Mar 2015

John Garcia on vocals, Josh Homme on guitars, Nick Oliveri on bass and Brant Bjork on drums. It sounds like a ridiculous fantasy list, like some sort of imaginary supergroup, except this one happened and happened first. It's terribly confusing.

shermt 21 Jul 2014

Music to crash your car to #stoner #desert #rock

parkysan 25 Sep 2013

I wont say the original. But I will say the best. :) The heavy stuff you can dance to.

fighella 16 Mar 2012

I was at a War On Drugs gig tonight and got a bit bored in parts, and randomly remembered this. Proof Josh Homme is a riff king even when he was about 10   11

mjgBZ32 16 Feb 2015