Uptight Downtown by La Roux


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Το καινούριο άλμπουμ των La Roux (που πλέον θα έπρεπε να είναι "της", καθώς η Elly Jackson είναι πλέον μόνη της. Περισσότερες νέες και παλιές μουσικές 20:00-22:00 στο theoldschoolproject.com

SundayFreakshow 23 Nov 2014

Elly Jackson & Ben Langmaid's riots-inspired tune. Love those Nile Rodgers style chords with the delay effects.

TheBalancer 17 Jul 2015

The streets are on it people... And it’s all the way downtown

McRaul55 30 May 2014


cliffmiddleton 7 Dec 2014

Jam #350! I didn't actually have anything planned for this, so here's a song I really like, from an album I love, that's been stuck in my head.   3

CallumPetch 1 Oct 2014

First single proper from the forthcoming "Trouble In Paradise" album - definite nod to Bowie's "Let's Dance".   4

Astromonkey 28 May 2014