Seventeen by Ladytron

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but Garm was first  

ignore the video, just crank up the volume and dance along with your eyes closed.

klary 30 Jul 2013

The beats and the darkness.

dimitribly 2 Mar 2012

'They only want you when you're 17 When you're 21 You're no fun' untrue?...  so good jam though!   18

rainbowasi 23 Feb 2013

They only want you when you're seventeen. When you're twenty-one, you're no fun...

fake13 22 Jul 2015

Ladytron - Seventeen ... I quite like this Ladytron I've been listening to a bit recently. Bring on some more.

therealbk84 12 Mar 2014

Happy birthday to me! I think Ladytron are right and things WILL be a little bit harder now I've turned 21...   14

thesunneversets 9 Oct 2012