Bad Self Portraits by Lake Street Dive


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#SOTD 06/02

PEAJAE 2 Jun 2014

Heard this as a bump song on MPR a while ago. Rediscovered it while going through my Shazam tags. Her voice is so incredible, even if she is singing about selfies. Bad Self Portraits - Lake Street Drive   1

beaverbandit 7 Oct 2014

And here's what I've been belting out into the hairbrush this week   1

furlongthedog 13 Aug 2014

TOO REAL, TOO #SAME, TOO EVERYTHING, but also just a great song

mccauleykr 4 Feb 2015

I <3 this song - have a great weekend, you wonderful people :)

neleheise 16 May 2014

Class soul pop from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.   3

markcmphillips 25 Feb 2014