Brooklyn Baby by Lana Del Rey


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Yeah my boyfriend's pretty cool, But he's not as cool as me.   3

Tagical 17 Jun 2014

"My boyfriend's in a band, he plays guitar while I sing Lou Reed, I've got feathers in my hair, I get down to Beat poetry"   1

katfan 21 Aug 2014

Trying to find a way to describe this song and the only thing I can come up with is "this song is so chill" and I feel like I am an old person trying to sound young

va5el1ne 20 Feb 2015

"If you don't like it you can beat it, beat it baby!" #newyorknewyork   1

Astromonkey 28 Apr 2015

'Yeah my boyfriend's pretty cool, but he's not as cool as me.' - Lana Del Rey

PrancingTL 24 Mar 2015

A song off my favorite album of the year so far!   1

abbeyroad992 4 Aug 2014